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About Ninjacoin

Community First!

Ninjacoin is a community focused project, all decisions are passed through our community via live polls and question and answer sessions. We take everyone's suggestions and concerns seriously, and with Ninjacoin your opinion matters. We hold frequent live Q&A sessions on Social Networks and send real-time updates as they become available..

Passive Earnings!

Transaction functions of NINJA Tokenomics:
1. Reflection - 5% is reflected to all holders for passive income
2. LP Acquisition - 5% is added to a liquidity pool (PancakeSwap)
3. Burn - A burn wallet receives a portion (1%) of the reflections to never be seen again.

Goals for the Moon!

Our main goal will be to make the NINJA token known to as many people as possible. The second goal will be to list NINJA on the best exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase. The third goal will be to create an exchange based on the NINJA token. The fourth goal will be to create a wallet on desktop and mobile. We will decide the rest together..

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